The Tumorshop History

The products of the tumor shops for children with cancer and their families are both practical help in the daily lives of these children as well as the expression of a positive and life-affirming mood.

The tumor Shop was founded in September 2010 as an online shop. He has set a goal of serving as a platform of selected products for children with cancer and their families. Not only self-developed and designed products can be adjusted, but also the products of other providers - whether directly in the product range, be it as a link.

The tumor shop is run by volunteers and is not intent on winning. Surplus from the sale of products are donated to the association "tumor and children with leukemia Mainz" passed. This gives the executive director of the full access to the accounting records of the tumor shops.

The idea and the commitment to the tumor shop have emerged from the experience with their own cancer-stricken daughter. In April 2008, our then 2 ½ year-old daughter Lara fell ill with a brain tumor. After 12 major and minor surgeries, 19 chemotherapy blocks, a stem cell transplant, 59 radiation treatments, we're still fighting. In this long period was and is in addition to sadness and seriousness had room for talk, play, fool around and joy available. The daughter has shown us that "living with cancer" is possible and that the joy of life not cancel despite the bad news needs. With honesty, openness and a bit of black humor can be much more bearable. From this attitude came the first ideas.

It started with drawings, intended only for Lara to bring the situation at the hospital in greater detail, explain to her the many tests and treatments. Soon many drawings hung on long strips glued next to Lara's bed. After one or the other image was then asked by the staff or by parents and friends, so we wanted to give it a little book as a "thank you". With the help of the Mainz Förderverein from these first drafts is a book called "I in the hospital," originated.

During the time in rehab in the Black Forest then a second small booklet entitled "My tumor is evil" was written and drawn. The initial impetus for this book came from turn of Lara, who had asked me during the waiting period before the irradiations, to paint a tumor. "Dad, sometimes even a tumor" were her words, and also the starting point for a series of signs that led to the final image of the tumor in the second book.

Other drawings were the starting point for the poster books for postcard views, for tumor and cup for the T-shirts.

Out of a desire to be able to children recovering from treatments for the hand over a document a whole motivational set with stamps, stamp book, certificates, T-shirts and badges was developed.

The daily temperature measurement was an opportunity to make an attractive and colorful paper fever. With all these products now have a solid starting point has been reached, but still not the end of ideas.

In February 2011, further work was titled "products of all suppliers" put in power. Here all I know websites of Parents' Associations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland have been seen on offered products. In several tables I have collected the items alphabetically and systematically, so that site visitors can quickly get information about where such Mugs, t-shirts, books, umbrellas, etc. are available from which patrons. In the range of images and photos I prepare for 2012 with the support of the Mainz Förderverein an exhibition, in which both the work of the Foundation and the visual implementation of life in the hospital - it is shown - through the eyes of a child.

The website and the online store since September 2010 have the opportunity to interact directly with all interested parties in contact. In this way I hope to also encourage and support the development of new products.

The tumor Store is a consumer product, to accept life as worth living with cancer and not always just to see that hard. It shows a way to deal with the difficult issue of positive and life-affirming.

From April 2011 the tumor shop will be taken over by the Mainz patrons tumor and children with leukemia eV. I will continue to volunteer to work for the shop on behalf of the Mainz Association.

About us

The tumor Shop offers our own and other products related to "children with cancer" and "Children in hospital" at. The ideas for these products resulting from the use of their own and other children with cancer.

In the development of its products plays the open approach to the topic "cancer" and "hospital" an important role. We accept the fact that the cancer has become, at least for a while, part of daily life. We are afraid to set that fear or guilt, if repressed or taboo is Explicit. We believe that discussions and a more aggressive use of disease he bring relief and hope that you recognize the positive force, even when you can have "fun" with the issue.

A shot of "black humor" can make life easier with the cancer. Why should we not be able to laugh about a "tumor cup" or a "tumor T-Shirt" cordially? We respect but also those who so do not deal with the issue or can. Not all products reflect these 'black' mood. There are also products on offer that can help you to talk with your child, for the time in the hospital and during the illness and treatment a little. We would be very happy, if you like our way of dealing with the situation like. It is one way to cope with the difficult situation. We wish your family all the best!

Dr. Claus Maywald and Elsa Pitellos

Note of thanks

Many have helped to ensure that the ideas could be further developed and implemented. Therefore a heartfelt thank you goes to all the sponsors and volunteers. Without you we would not have the products and the tumor shop can realize ... and without the products and the development of the shop we would not for a long time in hospital and at home as well to survive. The names of the sponsors and helpers are always listed in the respective product.

May express a special thanks Jens Dupré from Mainz patrons, children with leukemia and tumor-eV and the team there and Galip Yilmanbasar and Bärbel Mietzschke of the company Innovative Communication & Design in Wiesbaden.

Thank you so much! Elsa Pitellos and Claus Maywald.